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Serving all of North Central Florida by providing the best traditional and cutting edge alarm technology in the industry.

Now home and business owners can harness the power of today’s communication technology to monitor and control home and business systems. Use your Internet connected smart phone to arm or disarm your alarm system, monitor your surveillance cameras, or adjust climate controls.

Securalogix: Keeping you in control wherever you go with your compatible web-connected device.

Home Security

Did you know?
A home without an electronic security system is 68% more likely to be the target of a burglary. (Source: NBFAA)

Securalogix offers a variety of home systems and services that will provide you with confidence, knowing that, when you arm your system and leave, our UL Listed Central Monitoring Station is prepared to respond to the events signaled from your home.

Protect Your Profits

We understand that your ability to be successful in today’s business climate must include a strategy that identifies potential threats to your operations, applies technology solutions that deter unwanted events and documents them when they occur. Securalogix, Inc. empowers you through a variety of technologies to reduce your risk, mitigate your specific concerns of loss and liability, and improve your bottom line.

Two-Way Voice Pendant Speakerphone

Guardian Angel Medical Alert System

The Guardian Angel Medical Alert system uses the world’s smallest 2-way voice pendant speakerphone communicator in the industry to provide crystal clear communication with our UL Listed Central Monitoring Center professionals. With the best range in the industry, our users communicate their message instantly and efficiently from many hundreds of feet of their base station. The system should cover an average American home and well into the front, back and side yards.

Securalogix offers a wide array of alarm technology solutions to protect you, your family, and the things that matter most to you. We install and service the best traditional alarm products, as well as the latest cutting edge interactive systems. Our mission is securing peace of mind for business owners and homeowners with reliable and affordable technologies. Contact us today to let one of our Security Professionals assist you to develop and implement a peace of mind strategy that is just right for you. Securalogix: The logical choice!

At Securalogix, we believe that quality and affordability are the two most important concerns that our customers have when investing in their Home Security. That’s why we offer the best traditional alarm systems as well as cutting edge, interactive technologies. Whether your need is for a simple, get the job done system, or you want to take advantage of the latest technology that allows you to have control on-the-go, through your Internet connected smart phone. We can design a system for your peace of mind.

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In order to compete in today’s market place, business owners need solutions that directly combat shrink/loss and liability concerns. At Securalogix, we’ll assist you to develop and implement a strategy that uses technology to deter and detect unauthorized entry to your business with our Safe & Secure Business system. Some additional layers of protection might include our ViewLogix CCTV Camera Surveillance system to document premise activity, or our Safe & Secure Access Control system to manage access to the main entry or sensitive areas within your building. One of our Security Professionals will be happy to discuss how an investment in technology will improve your bottom line, by mitigating loss and liability and help your business gain the competitive edge.

Our Business Services

Emergencies can happen anywhere in one’s home and even in the yard or driveway. Guardian Angel Medical Alert will allow one to communicate their message instantly and efficiently from anywhere in and around their home to get help fast.

The Guardian Angel Medical Alert offers senior citizens the independence and mobility that they want while providing them with the vital personal emergency response service that they need. The pendant is water-resistant, it can even be taken in the shower.

The Guardian Angel Medical Alert is your connection to our certified responders in a voice-to-voice communication session. Our operator assesses the situation and contacts family members or sends emergency services to your location.

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